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    Strengthening a strong, experienced team for future challenges was the goal when initiating a comprehensive initiative to upgrade our organisation, individual team members and target our energy towards new options.

    Searching for an updated toolbox and an analytic approach, we chose to enter an open cooperation with an external partner to run and manage our process. And soon we felt confident that Changemovers and René Husum brought the drive and energy that comes with working with an experienced partner specialized in organisational and management development with the purpose of bringing individuals and organisations to a top-performing level.

    Our process was initiated by executive sparring targeted our management including leader coaching and development – and followed up by team development and a strategy process with a strength-based focus that ensures that the strategy is implemented and functions effectively in our organisation.

    Next step was involvement of all employees who did strength profiles and engaged in personal interviews going through the profiles to build up individual action plans. The purpose was to focus on personal strengths for the benefit of our employees, the team, H. Daugaard – and in particular all the customers who have the dialogue with our company on a daily basis.

    As part of the individual dialogues we picked up constructive input to our business model and fierce improvement proposals – and when we linked all the new inputs and matched them with the results of our customer survey and our current dialogue with the world around us, one of the results was that it was time for an organisational change to strengthen our performance in the market.

    In a set-up combining previous as well as newly appointed team leaders, we have now established a new, upgraded group of team leaders. Their starting point was a team leader education and a new leader toolbox – and they now have the responsibility of delegating tasks, to initiate focused efforts to build up an even closer relationship to all our customers and to shorten decision-making processes in general. This change has been a great advantage to us internally – and we hope that it will day by day be visible in our outside world.

    Last but not least the strength-based approach was implemented and trained in our sales department aiming to manifest the knowledge, know-how and experience of our team in their interaction with customers – and to contribute to actively challenge and develop new transports as well as a stronger cooperation.

    It was clearly proved that history and experience are still unique advantages – and we have worked with our values in new ways. The result of our process is, at as a company we have gained a significantly more effective organisation that has created growing relations with our customers. Our investment in the development of our organisation and our employees has meant that we have become a larger team, we have been upgraded – and have initiated investments in IT and our transport fleet.

    As part of an ever-developing world, we will never stop developing … but we have made a huge move and are ready for the next.

    PS: If you are inspired by our story, you are welcome to contact Palle Mogensen at +45 79381290 or René Husum for details. René can be contacted at +45 50 44 48 23 or changemovers.com.