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    The number of transports to Sweden explode … and we keep up!

    The number of transports to Sweden explode … and we keep up!

    One of the growing fields of logistics during the last year has for H. Daugaard been the transports and logistics from Denmark, German/Benelux and the continent to Sweden – and back.

    Extensive customer intake and increased quantities to be moved for individual customers have defined our working days – and we have matched up with focus, quality guarantee and current analysis of the transports by our internal team

    The output of our close dialogue with customers and potential customers always include consistency of supply and personal competencies – and to strengthen these parameters, in particular, we have now chosen to lay on 3 Danish 3-axle trucks. The trucks are equipped and licensed to handle ADR consignments and the trucks have GPS, stanchions, lifting roof, 5 T tie-down rings and coil trailers … with specific appeal to the steel industry.

    Further 3-axle trucks will be activated shortly and common for all will be the staff of Danish and Scandinavian drivers who are trained in tieing down, ADR and who understand and speak Danish and Scandinavian languages. And who have not least been guided to a deep understanding of the importance of presence and flexibility that they add to our transport solutions.

    Are you interested in details about our set-up for Sweden, please feel free to contact us directly on +45 79 38 12 44 (ask for Poul Aarre) or send a mail at  sales@h-daugaard.dk.
    We should be pleased to meet you with non-committal sparring and dialogue.

    You will also find detailed contact info here: H. Daugaard/ Contact