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    HAMANN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS … our new partner in Belgium

    HAMANN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS … our new partner in Belgium

    We have actively targeted a new, strategic partnership in Belgium – and are pleased to share the news that a new-established cooperation with the well-founded company, HAMANN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS will be a reality by February, 1. The partnership sends us expectantly into 2019 – and will offer you new flexibility in our transport and logistics solutions to and from Benelux through an increased number of weekly part load departures and not least daily LTL and FTL across Europe.

    We look very much forward to introducing you to the privately owned company, HAMANN, which was founded in the 1990’ies and is strategically well located with their headquarters in Wetteren close to Gent – and a minor branch in Venlo, Holland.

    Their +160 employees work innovatively and service-minded and have – just as H. Daugaard – a special focus on reliable, customer specific solutions that add value and competitive advantages. Their focus is supported by their well-working distribution system and modern logistics warehouses.

    Sharing core values we complement each other as companies and can together offer you new, unique transport and logistics solutions that reach beyond the Belgian borders and grant you just as clear-cut options in Luxembourg and large parts of France.

    Already in 1987 when establishing DAULUX, the Benelux countries became a focal point of our portfolio and we are convinced that the strong, strategic cooperation with HAMANN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS will cement our unique platform and history. Naturally, it also invites to new set-ups and, creatively, to rethink existing transport and logistics solutions while adding new flexibility and efficiency. The continuous process starts by February, 1, and aims at the same time at exploiting the IT-related advantages available from our new partner.

    Does our new partnership inspire new thoughts related to existing and future transports to and from Belgium and the rest of Europe? Do not hesitate to contact us directly sales@h-daugaard.dk for a no-obligation, creative dialogue about new solutions!