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    Development, development and further … development!

    Development, development and further … development!

    Spring combined with our customer survey version II has in any ways been a point of orientation for future initiatives and investments – and have at the same time confirmed that the development already initiated makes sense to existing as well as future customers.

    As ambassadors for individual handling of every single customer job, we cement and develop our Customized Logistics concept day by day – and not least the resoures needed to accomplish the jobs:

    • We have cut the first sod to our extensive warehouse expansion in Vamdrup (Read more here: Large warehouse expansion in Vamdrup ) and continuously, we invite to an open dialogue about how we can target the facilities to future challenges – and raise efficiency and flexibility.
    • We have invested in new walking floor trailers – and a couple of DAF trucks to pull through the loads for us. The investment will minimize the time spent on loading and unloading and strengthen safety when working with heavy loads – including paper.  If you have transports in this category, please do not hesitate to ask what we can do for you …
    • Correspondingly, we strengthen safety on the European roads with 5 new safe curtain trailers which immediately increased our capacity and flexibility when heading for the first customer.

    And last but not least our customer survey confirmed once again that our team at all levels makes an amazing difference:

    ’Uncomplicated and straightforward. Always to get hold of. Helpful.’

    ’An eminent good cooperation with the staff in Vamdrup’  

    ’Closeness in the cooperation. Mutual understanding of business’

    are just a few of the comments that we have had the pleasure of passing on internally – and which to a great extent motivate us to continue our efforts on staff development and –sparring and to initiate further training run by a professional consulting company. At the end of the day, happy employees with energy and drive are the cornerstones of ’People | Performance | Precision’ … and we cannot have too many happy employees!