EU´s mobility package against social dumping and for a better work environment

What are the new rules?

  • The driver’s working hours must not exceed 48 hours per week in an average of a 4-month period and a maximum of 10 hours pr. day.
  • The driver’s duty outside their home countries is considered posting and must be honored after the national minimum wages.
    • That means driving between e.g., Germany & Spain needs to be remunerated with German & Spanish salary.
    • All trips must be registered in a new administration system IMI (EU´s control system).
  • The cabotage rules or the regulations of using foreign trucks and drivers for national deliveries will become more restrictive.
    • When the quota is up the truck must leave the country for a minimum of 4 days.
    • The truck must return to its home country or place of registration every 8 week.

What does it mean to the transport industry and our co-operation?

  • A lot more administration to secure that the driver gets the right salary in each country.
  • A lot more wasted distance and unnecessary CO2 emission when the truck must return to its home country – often without cargo on board.
  • More pressure on the capacity.

The above naturally creates increased costs for the whole logistics industry.

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