Exiting initiatives are ready!

–  Autumn has arrived, and so have exiting initiatives at H. Daugaard.

Warehouse in Vamdrup

We have been working on our new, high-capacity warehouse expansion in Vamdrup since February. And we can finally announce that the building work is ready for commissioning.

The warehouse expansion represents 8,765 square meters which means that our warehouse will be representing more than 25,000 square meters overall in Vamdrup close to Kolding. The most exciting part is that this expansion will make it possible for us to fulfil the request from our customers when it comes to solving interesting Customized Logistics solutions. Our staff at Vamdrup is looking much forward to start using the new warehouse.

With the new expansion, we are ready to solve logistic solutions for both new and existing customers. If you need any further information on how we can provide services for you, you are more than welcome to contact us by phone: +45 79381244 or you can visit our website.