Financial gains through logistics

Five factors positively affecting your bottom line

1) Savings on storage space rental and warehouse staff salary during periods of low goods demands

2) Flexible storage capacity which continuously mirrors demand

3) Variable cost

4) Warehouse capacity investments are shared with the many other clients of the logistics provider

5) Full focus on the core competences of your company while experts handle logistics

In other words: Through outsourcing, you ensure that your logistics requirements follow market demands – with a continuous adjustment of staff and storage facilities securing growth. In addition, you will have the benefits of uniform delivery of an agreed quality – even when experiencing accelerated demands for your goods. And the variable cost provides financial security should you experience periods of reduced demand.

It is the absolute objective of a logistics provider to make sure that you – as a customer – are satisfied and that the logistics meet your requirements. You may focus on that which you do best, while your cooperating partner manages transport regulations, restrictions, certificates, and environmental permits (see our certificates here).

The most important demands to a logistics partner


When finding a logistics partner, the most important demand is flexibility so that your company can focus on growth without having to worry about logistics. A logistics provider which views itself as a part of your company from the very beginning, provides the best foundation to handle demand from your customers in a flexible manner. The most important aim for your company will always be satisfied customers – and this is where the logistics provider plays a crucial role in ensuring that you meet your goal.

Core competences of the logistics provider

It may be difficult to get a full outline of the many logistics providers in the industry – for example what hides behind the walls of different warehouse hotels and truck tarps. For this reason, it can be a hassle to find the logistics provider which will provide you with the best service and solutions.

In our experience, you will get the best service from a logistics provider which has the right expertise in handling your goods. Product experience is essential to ensure the most efficient and careful handling of your goods.

Some goods require special equipment to ensure rapid and efficient handling and distribution to end customers. Faster handling and less errors will give you the most economic and efficient solution.

Seek references

Check out the website of the logistics provider – customer cases

Does the logistics provider have client cases on its website? These cases may provide insights into existing industry experience and whether the logistics provider is the right match for your company. You may also learn about how the logistics provider solves logistics for other clients and take this knowledge into account as part of your selection process.

Be curious in your industry

Use your network and seek insights into how other companies handle logistics. Experiences from business partners in your value chain are often the most credible recommendations. If other companies in your industry use specific logistics providers, this will most often be due to special skills creating customer value, and which may also create value for your company.


H. Daugaard has been along for our journey. Rather than limiting, they have facilitated our growth.

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Our customers are really pleased with H. Daugaard. Their follow-up is incredibly fast, and their response time is short. We do not have any complaints, and most importantly – our sales are increasing due to the fantastic delivery performance.

- Goodyear Dunlop
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The key to a sovereign cooperation

Is based on trust and a strong concept that applies to both companies.
- James Hardie Europe
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