Our logistics must be able to handle large fluctuations

Sales of packed cement to Danish DIY centres are very dependent on the weather. In just a few days, demand can increase significantly. A flexible logistics solution is required, in which a high level of information exchange between H. Daugaard and Aalborg Portland is essential.

“It’s not always easy to predict when the demand for packed cement will fluctuate. The Danish weather is a determining factor. Nice weather draws people outside to renovate their homes”, says Niels Studsgaard, Logistics Manager at Aalborg Portland. He is the one currently responsible for the contract with H. Daugaard as logistics partner – a cooperation, which was established back in 2009, and which still works to the satisfaction of both parties.

“We require a partner that offers flexibility and adaptability, while maintaining quality standards – even if deliveries suddenly increase fivefold compared to the previous week. In addition, we deliver to nearly all Danish DIY centres. Deliveries must be made to about 400 different addresses, and one and all must experience a good level of service from Aalborg Portland

In our market, logistics is a competitive factor

The right service of the right quality at the right time to the right price.

It is as simple as that according to Niels Studsgaard. And his litany is true whether he speaks about his own principles for the procurement of services or about the delivery to DIY centres by Aalborg Portland.

”Logistics is a competitive factor in our market as seasonal fluctuations are considerable. Our logistics partner must be able to provide a competitive solution. Not just in terms of cost, but just as much in terms of delivery safety, flexibility, service, and adaptability”, Niels Studsgaard explains.

Green contributions to a black industry

Cement manufacturing requires large amounts of energy. For this reason, Aalborg Portland is the largest private consumer of coal in Denmark. It is a fact that coal makes a large impact on the environment. This does not mean, however, that Aalborg Portland has no interest in green transformation – on the contrary, the company is committed to reducing CO2 emissions from company activities with as much as 30% up to 2030 and visions for CO2 neutral cement manufacturing in the future.

Supporting these goals are plans to utilize surplus heat and alternative fuel. In addition, this year Aalborg Portland has launched a CO2 reduced cement, FutureCEM, with a carbon footprint of up to 30% less than ordinary Rapid cement, the most common type of cement in Denmark.

”A logistics partner with an equally high focus on sustainability is a clear advantage for us. If a real CO2 reduction is to be achieved, we must have a holistic approach in which the entire supply chain contributes to a common objective”, says Niels Studsgaard, who feels confident that H. Daugaard is the right business partner in this respect also.

”Focus on reducing the negative effects of running a business is embedded in every level of H. Daugaard from drivers to office staff. Their drivers now save 22% fuel on each kilometer driven – even when delivering cement to our customers. That is a contribution to green transformation that we all wish to be a part of”, Niels Studsgaard concludes.

James Hardie Europe

The key to a sovereign cooperation

Is based on trust and a strong concept that applies to both companies.
- James Hardie Europe
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