How H. Daugaard contributes to Syngenta’s sustainability targets

Sustainability is the overall guiding principle as Syngenta aims to contribute to high-quality food, a healthy environment, and economically sound agriculture. As part of these goals, Syngenta has entered an important collaboration with H. Daugaard as its logistics partner.

Syngenta Nordics is part of Syngenta Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of crop protection products for agricultural companies. The company has 48,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

“Our logistics solution will help us become more sustainable”

With an ambitious target to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations by 50% before 2030, it is only natural that Syngenta has a strong focus on its logistics solution.

At H. Daugaard, we are therefore very pleased to have been selected as Syngenta’s logistics partner for both storage at our warehouse hotel and delivery of its products in the Nordic region. In Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, we assist Syngenta in delivering a large portion of its products.

H. Daugaard helps to ensure that our products are stored and transported in a safe way, with a focus on more environmentally conscious solutions.

– says Lisa Wede Andersen, Head & Supply Chain and Customer Service Manager Nordics at Syngenta.

A supplier with attention to detail

Syngenta’s decision to opt for H. Daugaard as its logistics partner wasn’t a random choice. In the selection process, Syngenta focused on finding a supplier with a strong focus on more sustainable solutions. In addition, Syngenta put great emphasis on working with a supplier with many years of experience and one that could contribute with professionalism, teamwork, high-level service, and delivery reliability.


Syngenta is reliant on having its goods delivered by truck, and it is therefore of great importance that H. Daugaard is working on several different initiatives to make this mode of transport more sustainable. Syngenta highlights H. Daugaard’s eco-driving system, which is integrated in all trucks to help drivers reduce fuel consumption as much as possible.

Read more about our eco-driving system here.

All H. Daugaard trucks are also Euro 6 compliant, which is the newest standard, and they run on environmentally friendly tyres. All of this is of great importance to Syngenta because it contributes to reduced CO2 emissions in its logistics solution.