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    Sea transport

    Sea transport is the optimal mode of transport for large volumes of goods both from an economic and an environmental perspective.
    We at H. Daugaard are capable of combining sea transport with rail and road transport in order to ensure an efficient and competitive logistics solution.
    Project cargo is a natural part of our overall transport concept, and we have carried out several complex logistics projects in Europe as well as Africa.
    There is scheduled transport from Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain and England to our terminals at the ports of Kolding and Vejle.

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    The location of a terminal is an essential prerequisite for being able to consolidate large amounts of goods quickly and efficiently every day.
    Our terminals at the ports in Kolding and Vejle are strategically located close to the quay, with direct access to the railway track. This means that the terminals are optimal for direct loading of goods – regardless of the mode of transport used.
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    Cargo handling

    Our dedicated and experienced crane and forklift drivers are key to optimal cargo handling, ready to take on challenges.
    H. Daugaard has at its disposal modern equipment for gentle and effective handling of all cargo types.
    The company’s machine park consists of a large number of specially designed forklifts as well as top running cranes with lifting capacity of up to 35 tonnes.
    We have a specially designed RTG crane with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tonnes, where the plate handling itself is carried out using the magnetic yoke. The crane is therefore very well suited for handling wind turbine/hard rolled steel plates.
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    As agent for the shipping company we manage all coordination between the consignor, the shipping company, the ship and the consignee.
    H. Daugaard manages ship clearing and our professional employees carry out tasks such as customs clearance, changing crew etc.
    We regularly inform all parties involved and offer 24-hour service.

    Round-the-clock service
    Our on call telephone service is on 24 hours day. You can reach our 24-hour service at +45 7938 1295
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    At the ports of Kolding and Vejle has H. Daugaard specialises in unloading and loading of steel and metal products, paper products and miscellaneous project cargo.
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    We offer charter solutions for conventional, project/heavy and bulk loads.
    As a natural continuation of ship chartering, we carry out operational post-fixture tasks and follow the documentation in complete door-to-door solutions.
    We can always offer a custom concept.
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