Digital solutions at H. Daugaard

At H. Daugaard we want to make it efficient for you as a customer to make bookings on transports. That is why we have an e-booking system where you can:

  • Make your booking quick and easy
  • Be advised of order status by mail
  • View the status of shipments
  • Find your transport documents
  • See invoices
  • Ability to upload documents for shipping
  • Create a shipment that creates an overview
  • Work digitally and efficiently

Browser support

API Service

API Service is used for receiving electronic orders. Through our order system you either place a file locally or you send a file to file area by H. Daugaard.

Basically, the following are the services this solution can handle:

  • Orders in
  • Feedback
  • Renditions
  • Consignment
  • General communication