Thank you for 2021 – welcome to 2022!

– New Year’s greeting by Managing Director Michael Frihagen

2022 has officially been rung in. With the New Year bells, we have said our farewells to a busy 2021. A year filled with several unknown factors that impacted our workdays. When I look back at what we have lived through, I am immensely proud to see where we are today. We have experienced double-digit growth, we have invested heavily in new technology and real estate, welcomed a new “family member”: Grau Shipping, and we have increased our number of staff in all locations.

2021 was the year of large changes

Last year, I mentioned that 2021 would be the year of large changes – and indeed it was. 2021 has changed how logistics is viewed. Today, it is no longer a question of price but rather a question of security of supply. This is the clear tendency experienced by our customers – and one which requires commitment from both parties. In future, the importance of good customer and business partner relations will have even more focus.

In this respect, it would seem that old virtues are enjoying a renascence – decency, respect and the understanding of the need for space by both parties is being reintroduced as part of business relations. An exciting and positive development based on scarcity of resources just about everywhere. It is also a dangerous development which leads to large cost increases across the supply chain – a challenge demanding considerable decency in our business relations.

When our board of directors make forecasts for 2022, we believe that it will be a busy and changeable year, with several new transformations to come. We must be prepared for and ready to change. Fortunately, this is a key skill of H. Daugaard and for this reason, we hope and believe that 2022 will be a good year for the company. In any case, we are pleased that the year has started up busy.

Sustainability in focus

With beforementioned busyness in mind, sustainability is one very large headline worth keeping top of mind. We must invest in and implement new technology to obtain sustainable solutions – a focal point which remains at the top of our business agenda again this year. We look forward to presenting our future initiatives to customers and business partners alike.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to our staff for your amazing work efforts – you are truly outstanding. We would also like to thank our customers and business partners for your good, loyal, and respectful cooperation. We look forward to embarking on 2022 alongside you.



H. Daugaard has been along for our journey. Rather than limiting, they have facilitated our growth.

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