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    Our warehouses are centrally located in the Triangle Region – in Kolding, Vejle and Vamdrup – with direct connection to the railway network. In Kolding and Vejle, all our sites are also placed near the port quays.
    We offer modern warehouse facilities for a wide variety of cargo types such as industrial goods and building materials. In addition, H. Daugaard specialises in storing dangerous goods, steel and metal products as well as all types of paper products.

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    Stock management

    Modern facilities combined with the right management tools are the foundation of our warehouse concept. Through a close and confidential dialogue with our customers, we analyse all requirements and needs, and then we can offer a custom solution.
    Our competent and experienced staff is ready for the challenge.
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    Value added services

    One of the cornerstones of H. Daugaard’s total logistics concept is value-added storage solutions where environmental safety and security of supply are paramount.

    At our warehouses we offer, among other things:
    – Labelling
    – Re-labelling
    – Packaging
    – Pick and pack
    – Re-packing
    – Paint toning
    – Warehouse management – min./ max.
    – Treatment of complaints of returned goods
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    Dangerous goods

    The legislation that regulates the storage of dangerous goods, imposes great demands on storage management, facilities and personnel. Our close cooperation with supervisory and auditing authorities ensures that we act in accordance with current legislation and standards. That is why H. Daugaard is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SQAS.

    The warehouse in Vamdrup with an area of 16,500 m2 is designed as a closed system of storm water basins, so that e.g. extinguishing water in case of fire cannot escape into the subsoil or the sewage system.

    Our experienced and specially trained personnel ensure professional handling of ADR goods.
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    With our modern warehouse and terminal solutions, H. Daugaard can put together the optimal logistics solution in dialogue with the customer.
    Our logistics concept covers transport of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods and products for recycling in the most efficient manner.
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