News June – Organizational changes, new department and digitalisation

Organizational changes at H. Daugaard

We are pleased to welcome Jan Nielsen on 1 June 2020 as a warehouse manager for our warehouse in Vamdrup. Jan has more than 30 years of experience in warehousing and logistics, and we look forward for Jan to be contributing to H. Daugaard’s logistics.

This organizational change is based on a natural generation shift from former warehouse manager Kim Hansen.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that we are saying goodbye to Kim. Instead, he will be able to focus 100% on our HESQ. We thank Kim for many years of good and stable cooperation – and we look forward to more

New department – Marketing

Over the last six months, you may have noticed that we have become much more active on social media, and you may also have seen our new website. It has been our student assistant Mia who has been in charge of these initiatives in collaboration with our sales department.

Mia has just completed her Bachelor of International Business Communication with English and Media at the University of Southern Denmark. And in continuation of this, we have permanently employed Mia in the marketing department from 1 July 2020, where the focus going forward will be both on the external and internal part of H. Daugaard’s communication. We hope you will follow our progress.

Digitalisation at H. Daugaard

We constantly focus on optimizing every part of the business for the benefit of all our customers and our employees. This also means that we have had digitalisation as a high priority. Our IT manager, Lars Romsøe, and the rest of the IT department have focused on optimizing our work processes.

In this context, we have implemented a new system, Lobster, which makes it easier for our employees to perform daily tasks where we can save time and at the same time reduce the risk of errors.

Thank you!

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for the readiness that all our customers have shown during an unstable time with COVID-19. This both applies when it comes to virtual meetings and in general, due to the measures that have been necessary to comply with the authorities’ guidelines – we will probably continue with this for a considerable time.

It is precisely this time that makes it even more important that we jointly inform each other of the future forecasts that we all look into for the coming months. We, therefore, hope that you will share all the information about the market development for your particular industry – as it gives us the best opportunity to support the need you may have.

From here we just wish you all a good summer holiday – where you enjoy your holiday and of course take care.