Climate and environment

The transport industry can help make a big, positive difference to the environment, as the transport industry today bears a great deal of responsibility for the total C02 emissions.

It is also for the same reason that we at H. Daugaard are working towards reducing our C02 emissions. As an industry, we have a great responsibility to contribute to sustainable solutions, and we gladly take that responsibility. Therefore, we have optimized a large part of our entire business model, so that we can live up to our share of responsibility and at the same time can inspire others in our industry to introduce the same sustainable initiatives.

Our sustainable initiatives

Even the smallest changes in our work processes overall contribute to a huge reduction in C02 emissions. We are focusing on constantly optimizing our equipment to be the most environmentally friendly on the market and at the same time training our staff in environmentally friendly behavior. We will explain how we do this with examples below.

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Environmentally sound equipment and behavior – fleet and forklifts

The age of equipment has a decisive when it comes to being environmentally friendly. The average age of trucks in Denmark in general is 7 years, but at H. Daugaard the average age of our trucks is 2.5 years. Not only does the low average age increase environmental friendliness in the form of more sustainable technology, it also increases road safety. All our trucks have euro standard 6, which is the latest standard.

In collaboration with our trailer supplier Krone, we have also developed a 4-axle trailer, which helps us to transport several tonnes at a time and thereby provide more sustainable transport as well.

We are constantly optimizing our equipment in relation to what technological development allows. We therefore have electric forklifts, where the technology allows it. At the same time, we have a strong focus on testing environmentally friendly equipment when these are presented on the market.


In addition, we have also integrated an Eco-driving system throughout the H. Daugaard Group’s trucks, which makes it easier for our drivers to drive more environmentally friendly and thus reduce C02 emissions. Here, 6 different parameters are measured, which benefit the environment.

You can read more about how and how much our Eco-driving system helps to protect the environment here. At the same time, we make sure to further train our drivers in environmentally friendly behavior in the form of courses.

How to drive more environmentally friendly

Since we care about driving more environmentally friendly, we would like to share our knowledge about it. We have, therefore, created a guide in which we describe how you can drive more environmentally friendly. Read the guide here.

Environmentally friendly tires and re- and upcycling of tarpaulins

Our trucks drive with environmentally friendly tires, which are both produced under environmentally friendly conditions, are environmentally friendly in use and have more lives. You can read much more about how our environmentally friendly tires make a difference to the environment here.

Once our truck tarpaulins have seen their last days, we do not just throw them out. Instead, we pass them on to the company Tarprec, which re- and upcycles PVC material in the form of old truck tarpaulins. Thereby, H. Daugaard’s tarpaulins have a much longer life, as the tarpaulins become various products in the form of bags, purses, computer bags and much more.

The little things that make a huge difference

♻️  At all our warehouse hotels, we have replaced our light sources with LEDs
♻️  We make sure to sort waste
♻️  We offer our customers combined environmentally friendly transport in the form of rail transport, sea transport and road transport

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