How do car tires affect the environment?

The transport industry is one of the heavy industries when it comes to emitting CO2 – and therefore fortunately also an industry that can help to make a big, positive difference to the environment if the necessary focus is placed on it.

But it requires action, ability, and a willingness to change the way you have been used to doing things. If there is anything, in general, that is not sustainable, it is stagnation or decline.

Co-responsible for up to 30% of CO2 emissions

That is why H. Daugaard has implemented sustainability in the vision, and we are constantly working on optimizing our processes towards becoming more sustainable. What has been crucial for us has been to dive into, how simple changes can make a huge difference. An example of this is the choice of tires for our trucks.

At first glance, one might think that truck tires may not emit very much CO2. But truck tires are co-responsible for up to 30% of CO2 emissions from a car. And the higher the percentage, the smaller it can get, of course. That is why we at H. Daugaard have chosen to use environmentally friendly tires on all our trucks.

However, it requires careful examination of the conditions of the various tires.

Here is a total of 3 factors that are worth looking at:

  • Examine whether the conditions under which the tires were produced have been environmentally friendly.
  • Then the environmental friendliness optimization when the tires are in use.
  • Finally, examine what happens to the tires when they are worn out – can they be recycled?

Low rolling resistance – less CO2

Environmentally friendly tires have a low rolling resistance, which means that the car rolls significantly longer than ordinary tires when the accelerator is released, and at the same time, the truck rolls more easily in direct propulsion. This has the effect that the truck generally uses less force to keep going and is thereby reducing fuel consumption and hence carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, all tires have a certain service life, AND it is therefore also crucial that the tires are handled in an environmentally friendly manner when they are worn out.

Give the tires more life

When our eco-friendly tires are worn out, they are not just thrown out as you normally do. We send the tires back to the manufacturer, who gives the tires new life. New life through the recycling of vital and long-lasting materials. In other words, waste is reduced, as recyclable raw materials are recycled without compromising on safety and operational stability – this gives the tires more life.

As the transport industry is heavy in terms of CO2, we have a shared responsibility to do what we can to contribute to a more sustainable future. At the same time, we have a responsibility to transport our customers’ goods safely and efficiently from a to b, which is why we at H. Daugaard always do our utmost to do this in the most environmentally friendly way.

That is why we have also installed Eco-Driving in all our trucks – you can read more about this here

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