Road transport in Denmark

Our employees have a comprehensive product and industry knowledge, which is essential for us to provide the highest security of supply on the market.

We are known for our high service and information level where you will experience that your requests and needs are the focus.

We are sure that we are the right choice if you need road transportation in Denmark. We tie Denmark together in close cooperation between our experienced forwarding agents and skilled drivers. Our large transport fleet ensures the necessary capacity to perform all transport assignments with great precision and high quality.

All of our customers are assigned a contact person among our agents, who specializes in road transport in Denmark. Our agents have a fleet of dedicated Danish drivers as well as regular haulers who are all part of our unique transport concept.

Road transport in Europe

Our collaborators and companies in both the Czech Republic and Luxembourg give us many opportunities to provide customized transport of goods throughout Europe. We provide daily departures to and from Denmark with very short transit times where optimum solutions are always found. Since we both provide road transportation, rail transportation and shipping the best solution might be a combination.

We provide customized solutions where fast service, high information level and excellent reliability of delivery is the fertile soil for our cooperation. You can read more about groupage transportation, part load (PTL) and full load (FTL) further down the page.

Groupage transport

If you need a competent logistics company for transportation of groupage, we provide complete distribution solutions. We cover everything between sender and receiver both nationally and internationally.

We are in close cooperation with our customers, where we are focused on delivering a powerful service, reliability of delivery and last but not least a high quality. We compose optimum solutions within road transport in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Together with our international network of agents, we have built an extensive groupage cargo system, which can handle shipments across Europe. No task is too big or too small for us – we will provide excellent service regardless of the task. You are more than welcome to challenge us; we are sure that we can solve the challenges we are stipulated.

Daugaard gives you:

  • Easy and manageable web-booking
  • Reliability of delivery
  • Simple price and zone structure
  • Value-added services – such as special delivery note requests
  • Special assignments
  • Personal service with an assigned contact person

Part load and full load

Besides groupage transportation, we also provide part load and full load road transportation in Denmark and the rest of Europe. We will find the best solution for you, which can be a combination of our different transport solutions.

We are ready to help you!
Our customers say....

Our customers are really pleased with H. Daugaard. Their follow-up is incredibly fast, and their response time is short. We do not have any complaints, and most importantly – our sales are increasing due to the fantastic delivery performance.

- Goodyear Dunlop

We experience H. Daugaard as self-driven and incredibly cooperative. Their ability to put the puzzle together for Envases Europe makes great value to our business


- Envases Europe

We are always experiencing a good and stabile service with reliable and dedicated employees. They always find a solution and they act agile

- Elopak Denmark

Special transport

When we claim that no task is too big for us – we mean it. We provide special transports of both long, wide and heavy goods.

With our many years of experience with all different kinds of freight transport, we have built the necessary knowledge to provide great service for special transportation.

Our project department is ready to find the most optimum transport solution for you – which could be a combination of the railway with specialized semi-trailer customized for heavy-duty transports. In the case of extremely long goods, we use our custom-built extendable trailers for this type of transport. With special transport delivered by H. Daugaard, you do not have to worry – we will take care of the whole process.

ADR transport

As market leaders of transporting dangerous goods (ADR), we are familiar with all within this type of transport. Transport of dangerous goods presents different challenges compared to standard road transport. Environment and safety have to be the priority.

At H. Daugaard we live up to both nationally and internationally standards; we are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SQAS, hence we are ready for the challenges involved in the transport of dangerous goods. You can read more about our certificates here.

You can read more about all of our solutions here: