About us

H. Daugaard Group is a privately owned international logistics company owned by Michael Frihagen, Palle Mogensen, Carsten Eskildsen and Michael Dixi Nielsen. 

From the headquarter, located in the old, historical toll building in Kolding, we have an amazing view of the harbor – where it all began. The harbor is still where we have our central HUB with huge, modern terminals and warehouse facilities, which are in close connection with the world around via railway, ship and road. It is a traffic-related center in the middle of Denmark, where our specialists solve different transport tasks for our many customers daily.

Our concept is built on a combination of the most optimal modes of transport from A to B – with a focus on the ongoing development of our; ‘people, performance and precision’. We are developing positively and focused on a big, dedicated team consisting of more than 200 colleges. As our collaborator, you will experience that we are in close cooperation to meet the increasing level of activity – we are never compromising the safety, deadlines. We provide a transport concept that focusses on the environment. We want to work proactively and focused to secure that we are optimizing our solutions to become more and more eco-friendly.

Huge experience – many competences

We have successfully adapted our company for the branch’s constantly shifting demands, and we are proud to have been a part of the business community in Kolding for more than 100 years. We are even more proud of our eldest customer relation that started back in 1929.

We are represented internationally as well; in 1987, we established DAULUX S.A with an office and an appertaining motor pool in Luxembourg. In 2007, a new era started with a forwarding agency in the Czech Republic, DAUCZECH s.r.o.

The two companies are well-running and are based on the same values as the rest of the concern. They are 100% integrated into H. Daugaard where a strong collaboration is the base of our services.

Excellent warehouse facilities

In 1989, we established our huge warehouse in Vamdrup. Today, our warehouse represents more than 25,000 m2 for the benefit of our many warehouse-customers.

Our unique warehouse concept is based on our dedicated employees, where the use of new technology in the modern designed facilities secures a very high quality of our overall logistics services.

We have specially designed sections, which are established for the benefit of our many chemical customers. At our warehouse, we handle, among other things, chemicals (ADR) whether it is palletized or in IBC-containers. We are furthermore specialized in logistics solutions within constructing materials.

Optimally located in the Triangle Region

In 1994, we empowered our position in the Triangle Region by supplying with extra warehouse facilities at the harbor in Vejle. We built modern terminals close to the quay representing 7,500 m2, specially designed for several steel products.

At the harbor in Kolding, we are representing the same special designed terminals as we are in Vejle. We have a direct connection between the railway network and the warehouses, and we can, therefore, provide indoor unloading – using cranes.

Our infrastructure at the harbor in Kolding gives us a unique opportunity concerning railway transports. A sustainable mode of transport that we see huge growth potential in for the years coming. Those unique circumstances have secured traditions and fundamental expertise concerning the handling of coils and huge paper rolls for the Danish printing houses and the packaging industries regarding both corrugated cardboard and liquid packaging board.

Yearly, lots of hundreds of thousands paper products are received from Sweden as an example. The rail traffic from Sweden goes directly from Sweden to Kolding without any delaying stops on the way due to Kolding’s big centrally located HUB for railway transport from Scandinavia.