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Ib Andresen Industri

The collaboration is rooted in a deep understanding of Ib Andresen Industri’s operational processes. H. Daugaard has always been able to support these while offering various inputs within logistics. This has contributed positively to Ib Andresen Industri’s growth potential. We greatly value the collaboration.

- Ib Andresen Industri
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How H. Daugaard contributes to Syngenta’s sustainability targets

H. Daugaard helps to ensure that our products are stored and transported in a safe way, with a focus on more environmentally conscious solutions.

- Syngenta
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H. Daugaard has been along for our journey. Rather than limiting, they have facilitated our growth.

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Our customers are really pleased with H. Daugaard. Their follow-up is incredibly fast, and their response time is short. We do not have any complaints, and most importantly – our sales are increasing due to the fantastic delivery performance.

- Goodyear Dunlop
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James Hardie Europe

The key to a sovereign cooperation

Is based on trust and a strong concept that applies to both companies.
- James Hardie Europe
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