How we have helped Goodyear

Goodyear has been a customer for H. Daugaard since February 2019.

Together with the Logistics Department at Goodyear, our focus has been to develop a customized logistics solution for the Danish market.

The overall Logistic task has been to improve the reliability and performance of every delivery received. Furthermore, to quality assure a very high level of information.

Our process in order to provide reliability of delivery

Our task is to collect tires from the central warehouse in Sweden on day 1 in the afternoon and then have the tires delivered nationwide in Denmark on day 2.

H. Daugaard daily collects many consolidated orders in Jönköping which are then transported on line-haul trucks to our terminals in Glostrup and Vamdrup.

The line-haul trucks arrive to the terminals at midnight where our skilled warehouse staff unload and sort all the tires. This makes it possible for the distribution trucks to collect the tires in the middle of the night, and thereby a guaranteed delivery of all tires in Denmark the following day.

Naturally, we have set up different measures that will ensure that we can continuously document our work and ensure that we keep up with the advancement. The most pleasant reward is that our customer Goodyear is satisfied with our performance. All the measures that we set are set in order to fulfill the task from Goodyear and thereby benefit all of the customers that belong to Goodyear.

Clever logistics = Happy customers

We are especially proud and satisfied when we get a recommendation like this from Goodyear:

“Our customers are very happy with H. Daugaard. They follow-up is very fast, and their response time is short. We do not have any complaints, and most importantly, our sales will be increasing because of the excellent delivery performance.”

Goodyear, Denmark