Rail transport – Eco-friendly transport solution

The location of a terminal is an essential prerequisite for being able to consolidate large amounts of goods quickly and efficiently every day. Our terminals are located close to the quay in Kolding and Vejle, where we handle more than 400,000 tons per year. This also means that we are the biggest and most effective logistics company within rail transports in Denmark.

Our warehouse in Vamdrup represents more than 25,000 m2, and as an integrated part of all our logistics solutions, we provide direct access to/from the warehouse by rail. Thereby, we can provide direct access to the European rail network.

With more than 50 years of experience, we provide:

  • International set-up with rail transport with great transport capacity
  • Surveillance of the railway wagon’s location in Europe
  • Optimized logistics with an eco-friendly profile

Special transport using railway

We are at your disposal when you need special transport using rail whether the goods are wide, long or heavy. We will find the optimum solution, where your transport needs are in focus.

Since we have the required equipment, we are always able to be helpful throughout the whole process. We have solved many special assignments through the years – and we are more than ready to solve yours.

Cargo handling

H. Daugaard commands machinery including a large number of special designed forklifts as well at top running cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 35 tons. Besides, we also have special designed RTG crane with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tons.

The plate handling itself is carried out using the magnetic yoke. The crane is therefore very well suited for handling wind turbine/hard rolled steel plates. With our modern machinery and fantastic crane and truck drivers, we can provide a careful and effective cargo handling of all sorts of goods.

Receive a quotation on your challenges, we are ready to help!

Guidance on rail transport

We have a team of specialists within railway transports. Since we have more than 50 years of experience, we can always find the right transport solution for our customers. We share our knowledge with our customers and collaborators so that we can secure our customer’s competitiveness. That is what makes our railway concept unique.

When we are analyzing the opportunity to organize a railway concept in correlation with you, we are taking care of all aspects of the assignment. We translate specialized knowledge into concrete transport solutions. Railway transport is one of the most reliable modes of transport existing. That is why it is possible to plan a very exact arrival/departure times.

Customers at H. Daugaard do not need to have railway tracks if they want to use H. Daugaard’s railway concept. We have specialized in providing all clientele with the opportunity to have an optimum and effective transport solution with the railway.

Our customers say...

Our customers are really pleased with H. Daugaard. Their follow-up is incredibly fast, and their response time is short. We do not have any complaints, and most importantly – our sales are increasing due to the fantastic delivery performance.

- Goodyear Dunlop