What is a storage hotel?

A storage hotel is typically one company renting storage space to another company. It is an external storage space where your company can store products and goods. Typically, the company that owns the warehouse hotel will also offer storage management and freighting of the goods. And these services are of course also offered at H. Daugaard, where we are experts in storage and logistics. We offer freight by road, rail, and sea.

Why choose a storage hotel at H. Daugaard?

H. Daugaard offers modern storage facilities for a wide range of goods.

Our storage hotels are specially equipped to store goods such as:

  • classified goods/chemicals (ADR)
  • steel and metal products
  • paper products
  • building materials
  • industrial goods generally

Our storage hotels are all located in the Triangle Region, in Kolding, Vejle, and Vamdrup. Here we have direct access to the ports as well as to the railway network and the motorway network. This allows for easy and efficient transport of your goods using the most appropriate mode of transport.

Storage hotel in the Triangle Region – we solve your storage and logistics challenges

We transport by road, rail, and sea as well as a combination of these when required.

H. Daugaard’s storage hotels feature modern facilities combined with the right storage management tools, an efficient storage management system and the best transport and lifting equipment. In combination, these form the foundation of our storage concept.

We offer a storage concept that can be tailored to your wishes and needs. Our storage hotels are staffed by competent, dedicated, and experienced employees ready to advise you on the most optimal storage solution.

Looking for advice and guidance for your choice of storage and logistics solution? Contact us today and receive no-obligation advice on storage hotels from our competent and experienced staff.

We are experts in storage and logistics

Choosing a storage hotel at H. Daugaard will provide you with increased-value storage solutions focused on environmental consciousness and reliable delivery and, not least, customized solutions.

Our storage hotels offer services such as:

  • labelling
  • relabelling
  • packaging
  • pick & pack
  • repackaging
  • toning of paint
  • storage management – min./max.
  • claims handling of returned goods
  • administration
  • distribution

If you need one or more of the above services, or if you have other requirements for your storage hotel, we are most probably able to solve them. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering customized solutions.

Our customers say...

H. Daugaard has been along for our journey. Rather than limiting, they have facilitated our growth.


We are always experiencing a good and stabile service with reliable and dedicated employees. They always find a solution and they act agile

- Elopak Denmark

The key to a sovereign cooperation

Is based on trust and a strong concept that applies to both companies.
- James Hardie Europe

Storage hotel for classified goods

If you’re looking for a storage hotel for dangerous goods, we’ve got that covered too. H. Daugaard is proud to have Denmark’s strongest environmental approval for the storage of classified products (ADR) – both in palletised form and in IBC containers.

This means that you can safely store your classified goods with us, knowing that security is of the highest level and that your company complies with all laws and regulations.

The legislation imposes exceptional requirements for the storing of dangerous classified goods. These include special requirements for storage management and storage facilities, as well as the training of storage staff. Our close collaboration with supervisory and auditing authorities ensures that we always act in accordance with applicable legislations and standards. We are also certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SQAS accreditedd. Our experienced and specially trained staff always ensure professional handling of classified goods.

You can read more about our certificates here

We have specialized over many years in the transport and storing of chemicals and other dangerous goods. When it comes to the storing of classified goods, we can confidently say that we will be your preferred logistics company.

With our recent installation of a foam extinguishing system, we are now a leading player in the storage of flammable liquids – your goods are always in safe hands with H. Daugaard.

How we secure classified goods in our storage hotel

Our storage hotel in Vamdrup comprises more than 25,000 square metres. A large proportion of this space is built as a closed system with catch basins. This ensures that fire extinguishing water does not escape into the ground or sewer system in the unlikely event of an accident. Instead, the liquid is collected in specially designed tanks, and we spare the environment from being impacted.

The safety measures at our storage hotel are only one small part of H. Daugaard’s many efforts to drive a more sustainable business. If this sounds interesting, you can read more about our view on sustainability in the logistics sector as well as how we carry out this work.

Benefits of a storage hotel

Having your own storage space can be both expensive and burdensome. In addition to the cost of the storage space and staff – which must be paid whether the storage space is full or half empty – there is the cost of maintenance and other related expenses.

There are, in other words, several benefits to using an external storage service rather than investing in your own. These benefits include:

  • No wasted space and adjusted costs.
    You only pay for the space you use.
  • Maximum security.
    We ensure high-level security, so you never have to worry.
  • Strategic locations and easy freighting.
    Our storage hotels are centrally located close to the motorway, port. and railway, so your goods can be easily transported to and from the storage hotel.
  • Modern storage facilities.
    When you outsource your storage facilities, you also outsource responsibilities for maintaining the storage space. We ensure that our storage facilities are maintained at the highest level.
  • Our experienced staff has a wide range of competencies.
    At our storage hotel, you will find experienced employees with a wide range of skills. These include storage logistics, receipt of goods, container unloading, dangerous goods, and more. At our storage hotel, your goods are always in safe hands.

Whether a storage hotel is the right solution for you depends on your storage and logistics needs. Our experienced staff will help you identify this swiftly.


Storage hotel and distribution

Our logistics concept includes the transport of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and products for recycling in the most efficient way. We always put together the most optimal logistics solution in dialogue with our customers to make sure they get the most out of our modern storage and logistics solutions. We also ensure that your company can scale in the market without compromising on service or quality.

We offer total solutions to our customers to ensure that our storage services are tailored to your specific needs and instructions. Last, but not least, H. Daugaard also takes care of the distribution to make sure you and your customers always receive the goods on time.

The price of a storage hotel for business customers

The price of a storage hotel depends on how much space you need along with any special requirements for the storing of your goods – classified goods, for instance – and any other logistics solutions you may need.

If you are interested in a no-obligation offer and price for a storage hotel in the Triangle Region, please contact us via our website or by phone, and tell us about your needs and requirements for storage. We will send you a no-obligation offer for a storage hotel as quickly as possible.

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