Fantastic delivery performance contributes to growth!

The collaboration between James Hardie Europe, the world’s leading manufacturer of fibre cement facades, and H. Daugaard was established back in 2011 (when the company name was Fermacell Scandinavia) and has since been continuously expanded throughout the years.

James Hardie Europe has had strong growth during these years, and we at H. Daugaard are proud to have contributed to this growth.

The decision to establish an advanced warehouse in Denmark was based on the philosophy of being close to the customers and always being able to guarantee short delivery times to the market. James Hardie has had a focus on satisfied customers since day one, and it has therefore been central to our collaboration.

Sustainable mode of transport – that creates value

The warehouse contract was entered into in 2011 on the condition that delivery of all the products to the Danish market would be made by truck, but during the collaboration, we jointly challenged the possibility of being able to use rail transport with their incoming quantities to the warehouse hotel.

Today, the warehouse hotel in Vamdrup is the warehouse in Europe with the highest percentage of goods arriving by rail – this is an important incentive for a more sustainable mode of transport. The possibility of being able to transport large quantities of goods by rail through Europe therefore quickly became an extremely central initiative that fit into James Hardie’s strategy.

In the autumn, we inaugurated our new extension in Vamdrup of more than 8500 m2 – in this hall, we have arranged ourselves in a way so that we have been able to optimize the processes in the logistics chain in connection with the unloading of railway wagons and loading of cars.

Therefore, James Hardie has been able to continue your growth journey, and H. Daugaard has along the way been proactive and pointed out new logistics options that have been able to ensure a very high delivery performance.

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We help our customers win the orders!

The collaboration is based on trust and a strong concept that applies to both companies. But the key in our logistics collaboration with James Hardie is our fast execution ability, flexibility and the ability to constantly assign new, exciting solutions that ensure that our customer wins the orders in competition with the competitors.

H. Daugaard primarily performs traditional warehouse logistics but also more advanced management of the warehouse’s minimum / maximum quantities, in addition, a strong distribution throughout Denmark and various special tasks across Europe, where we deliver a strong product for James Hardie.

The latest new initiative is that H. Daugaard has just delivered 5 new James Hardie trailers, which we make sure will be visible around the country every single day.