H. Daugaard focuses on the environment

At H. Daugaard, we are very much aware of the environment. We know that we have a responsibility to protect the climate, and we are ready to take this responsibility. We are always looking for ways to become eco-friendlier, and we are proud to tell you about our Eco-driving system, which is integrated into all of our trucks. The purpose is to reduce the use of fuel as much as possible and thereby curb CO2 emissions.

The system does not curb CO2 emissions spontaneously – it all depends on the driver. The essential thing is that the Eco-driving system makes it easier for the driver to drive eco-friendlier by measuring driving behaviour. The Eco-driving system has set up six different parameters that it measures;

  • Idling
  • Speed
  • Brake application
  • Abrupt braking
  • Roll-out
  • Costing

The Eco-driving system is an onboard computer installed in all of the trucks. While the driver is driving, the computer collects data based on driving behaviour. You can see an example of this on the picture.

Ecodriving parameters

Our drivers at H. Daugaard continue to improve when it comes to driving eco-friendlier. The engagement is not missing – it has become an internal contest among the drivers to drive the eco-friendliest. Both the driver and the fleet manager can look at the data in real-time.

Ecodriving contest

We are very proud of our drivers; they have done an amazing job by changing their driving behaviour towards driving eco-friendlier.

H. Daugaard’s Fleet Manager, Palle Albertsen comments on our Eco-driving system:

“I have seen the development, and I am very satisfied with our drivers progresses.”

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