Major organizational changes in H. Daugaard and a nomination

Expansion in the Executive Board, a new sales director, a new director for port and railway-related activities and new business developer


At H. Daugaard, we want to stand out with innovative, different and value-adding transport and logistics solutions. It requires that we constantly adapt to the market and make sure that we are always standing as strong as possible.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce that H. Daugaard has chosen to strengthen the organization with the following initiatives.

Expansion of the Executive Board and new Sales Director

We have hired Carsten Eskildsen in the position as director of sales, marketing and business development on 16.11.2020. Carsten has more than 40 years of experience in the transport industry, which will further strengthen H. Daugaard.

We are very much looking forward to the collaboration with Carsten – and we are convinced that Carsten’s knowledge and competencies will strengthen H. Daugaard for the future. This also means that the Executive Board will be expanded from two to three, where Carsten also is included. Welcome, Carsten!

Strengthening of port and railway activities with Palle Mogensen at the helm

This, of course, leads to the next organizational change. Sales Director, Palle Mogensen, will take over as director of H. Daugaard’s port and railway-related activities on 01.12.2020.

Palle will have associated responsibility for sales and business development of the aforementioned, as well as our warehouses. Until 01.12.2020, Palle will put Carsten into the role of new sales director.

Strengthening the IT department and a newly created position

Michael Dixi Nielsen will take up a newly created position as a digital business developer on 01.12.2020. Michael is thus leaving his current role as a logistics manager for the port and railway activities and instead take up the new position in H. Daugaard’s IT department.

Due to Michael’s extensive knowledge about H. Daugaard, he is the perfect person to contribute to the optimization possibilities digitally.

The Executive Board forward-looking

Prospectively, the Executive Board will consist of Michael Frihagen (CEO), Carsten Eskildsen (Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development) and Palle Mogensen (Director of port and railway-related activities as well as sales responsibility for warehouses).


Our customers say...

We experience H. Daugaard as self-driven and incredibly cooperative. Their ability to put the puzzle together for Envases Europe makes great value to our business


- Envases Europe

We are always experiencing a good and stabile service with reliable and dedicated employees. They always find a solution and they act agile

- Elopak Denmark

The key to a sovereign cooperation

Is based on trust and a strong concept that applies to both companies.
- James Hardie Europe

Nominated for EY Entrepeneur Of The Year 2020

Besides the above mentioned, we are happy to announce that H. Daugaard A/S is nominated for EY Entrepeneur Of The Year 2020.

We are proud of the commitment our employees show every day towards all our customers. Without that commitment, it simply would not be possible to provide customized logistics.


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