Our very own “best in test”

– To ensure that you get the most environmentally friendly solution

Over the last few weeks, we have tested 4 different trucks. It is time for us to have some of our trucks replaced so that we can maintain the low average age of our fleet.

With a low average age on our fleet, road safety increases due to newer technology – and at the same time, it increases environmental friendliness, as newer trucks are better at utilizing the fuel, which reduces CO2 emissions.

The best in practice – not just on paper

But when we are replacing our equipment, we want to be sure that we get the best for our needs. On paper, one truck can easily be greener than others – however, this is not always the case when the truck is used in practice. 

Crucial parameters

  • Should the truck drive long, long distances on the highway?
  • Or should it run city driving with many stops?
  • Or should it be able to do both?

That is why we always test different trucks before making the final decision. And while we test, we collect data so that we can subsequently assess which truck emits least C02 in relation to our driving behaviour.

We mainly measure how fast the fuel is used up (the slower the better).

This time, we have tested four different trucks of the brands:


  • DAF



It is our own “best in test” – and the most relevant of its kind. You can read more about our environmentally friendly initiatives here.

If you are curious about which brand best suits our needs – you must keep an eye on us on the road.