Receive professional feedback on your current logistics set-up

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has flared up again in Denmark. This means that we must all continue to be careful and considerate and possibly resume all precautions where physical encounters become virtual.

However, this will not stop us from offering you a great service. We would like to offer you a professional review of your logistics and transport solution, virtually of course.

Through competent feedback, you ensure that your logistics set-up is optimal. It may be the small changes that make the biggest difference to both the environment and your bottom line.

Optimize your logistics set-up

New talents

Once again this year, we have a team of new trainees consisting of four, who will each contribute to H. Daugaard’s overall logistics and transport solutions. At the same time, the students will get to know a whole new world to become specialists and be able to advise and service all of you with the best service. We look forward to following the new students for the next 2 years.

Frederik Steenbock and Mikkel Grønvall Johansen are freight forwarding trainees and will initially be sitting in our department at the port, where they will be thoroughly introduced to all our different activities; ranging from warehousing solutions to shipping.

Sebastian Bollerslev, who is also a freight forwarding trainee, starts by sitting in our export department in Toldbodgade, where he will learn a lot about how we can most effectively solve export tasks for our customers.

The last trainee in this round is Mathias Bahnsen, who is a warehousing and logistics trainee at our warehouse in Vamdrup.

Mathias will make sure that all goods are placed and handled correctly so that we get the most efficient logistics set-up possible. This is what makes us continue to offer great flexibility for you!

We have expanded our project department!

Our fully-trained freight forwarder Sophie Carey Madsen has become part of our project department, which has so far consisted of Frank Dueholm Poulsen. The two have now become a team that aims to help you when you need to transport goods with special destinations or to various destinations, and when you have goods that need to be delivered urgently.

In other words, Frank and Sophie are ready when you need help with a quick and professional solution to your transportation project!

In the video below, you can see, among other things, what it looks like when we transport goods by special transport.