Why you should opt for a logistics partner that can manage the entire transport journey

Security of delivery, safety and flexibility are key factors when selecting a logistics partner for the freighting and storaging of your goods. When opting for a logistics partner that offers multiple modes of transport and storaging of your goods, you get a solution that gives you peace of mind when freighting your goods from A to B.

By sea, rail, and road

One of the things to look for when selecting a transport company for the freighting of your goods is freight options. If you find a transport partner that offers multiple transport options, such as rail freight or road freight, you’re already well on your way to securing the most optimal transport solution for you and your goods.

‘As we offer sea, rail, and road transport as well as storaging, the goods are exceptionally well-managed all the way to the customer. We don’t depend on any other parties. Everything simply works, because there are no links where miscommunication can occur,’ says Palle Albertsen, Fleet Manager at H. Daugaard.

Responsible throughout the transport

Opting for a logistics partner that can take care of all stages of the transportation will give you peace of mind.

It is much easier to manage planning and coordination when dealing with the same company, where workflows and communication are the same throughout all stages of the transport. At H. Daugaard, you can opt for rail, sea, or road when freighting your goods, and with us as your logistics partner, you can be sure that your goods are in safe hands.

‘As a customer, you know where to place the responsibility, and it provides a sense of comfort knowing that your goods are managed by the same company throughout the entire transport,’ says Palle Albertsen.

From southern Europe to Denmark in the smartest way

There are multiple situations and locations where it makes sense to look for a logistics partner that can offer unique transport solutions customized to your needs. For instance, the freighting of a large volume of goods from southern Europe, which then needs to be sorted and delivered by road to customers in Denmark, will benefit from having multiple freight options.

A possible option here could be to transport the goods via rail in southern Europe to Denmark and then by road to get the rest of the way to the customers. If you are interested in freighting your goods in the most sustainable way, rail is also the best choice for you.

Opting for a transport partner that offers freighting of goods via rail and trucks on rail releases you from the trouble of coordinating and reloading the goods when going from one logistics partner to another. Everything is taken care of for you.

Store your goods at a storage hotel until you need them

Are you looking for flexibility in the handling of your goods? Then a transport and logistics partner that offers both transport and storaging of your goods is the right choice for you. Having your goods near to local markets gives you flexibility when working with short deadlines for the delivery of goods to your customers. For instance, if you select H. Daugaard as your logistics partner, you can have your goods stored at our storage facility. From here, we can load the goods onto our trucks at short notice and deliver them to your customers throughout Denmark.

‘All the customer has to do is say which date they want their goods to arrive at a desired location, and we’ll take care of the rest,’ Palle Albertsen says.


If you are interested in learning more about H. Daugaard’s logistics solutions, you can read about our road transport, rail transport, sea transport, and our warehouse.

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