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    As our customer you’ll never be “just a number” … you’ll be part of our everyday life and you’ll be met with at glint in the eye and a smile. You’ll be connected to your permanent contact person whenever possible and you’ll experience that the close relationship you build will be valuable in everyday situations, when handling critical deadlines and transports – and not least when you look for a partner to participate in tactical and strategic considerations. In a complex and busy world “people” need “people” – not answering machines and auto response …

    And when writing permanent contact person, it’s not a coincidence, either! The average seniority of our employees is over 10 years. Over 20 years with the company is not unusual … and as our customer you’ll soon feel that you are part of a huge family.

    All logistics services have a high level of specialisation and quality – in all parts of the value chain, from pick-up and sorting to flawless delivery, inventory management and proper settlement.

    When working with us you’ll have a good gut feeling whether the subject is specialised transport, international or national distribution, environmental issues or rules and regulations. We know when to pass the inquiry to colleagues – constantly striving to be a world champion in our niche …