Increasing growth in Europe – a freight market under pressure

Increasing growth in Europe – a freight market under pressure

For a longer period we have experienced increasing growth in Europe and as a consequence of this growing freight volumes. Especially after the summer holidays we have had great capacity-related challenges in the road transport area.

Increasing freight volumes, traffic congestion on the motorways, shortage of drivers and the large volumetric imbalance between countries/regions at present puts the freight market under great pressure.

We guarantee the good service

At H. Daugaard we keep focus on the marked – and every day we do our very best to ensure our customers a service at the same high level as we are know to deliver. Regardless of a freight market under pressure.

On a short term basis we do not expect the situation to change – resulting in challenges to secure the consistency of our deliveries. However, we are doing our very best!

If – as expected – the lack of capacity continues the result will in the longer term necessarily be increasing freight costs.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kolding – 18 September 2017