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    The increasing pressure on the European roads daily inspires companies to seek alternative solutions to the challenges this naturally causes. It has at the same time inspired us to bring into renewed focus one of our strong weapons: Rail transport and the 100% customized logistic concepts that our 3 well-working, Danish rail hubs gives us unique possibilities to create.

    Our rail experience is well-founded – and common to all rail solutions is that they are based on specific customer demands – even though they are very different. Some customers have limited ad-hoc transports – while other cooperations are based on large, ambitious set-ups.

    As an example, we yearly receive more than 700 railway wagons with construction materials at our storage hotel in Vamdrup and can on a daily basis unload and put into storage 4 full-load railway wagons each holding +60 tons on our flexible storage hotel.

    The distance Spain-Denmark is a perfect example of rail as an alternative to road transport – inspiring us to work closely with our customer to create flow and reliability of delivery.

    Correspondingly we work ad hoc with single consignments that we carry from A to B as rail transport in general not only guarantee exact daily deliveries – but also means several, heavy advantages as the economy, the transport time and not least a reduced an environmental impact.

    ‘We understand that it can be difficult to consider alternatives to a well-working road set-up – but the future calls for new solutions to meet the increasing pressure on our roads’, says Albert Palner who has his daily focus on rail transports and continues: ‘We are ready to solve new specialist jobs bringing in our storage hotel and our effective unloading and handling. We have facilities for indoor- as well as outdoor unloading and can secure economical, environmental and time-saving transports to and from all Europe.’

    Are you ready to check different and creative solutions, rail transport could also be our link between the large, European markets and Denmark and our Swedish neighbours. We have terminals, cranes, trucks and rail specialists available – and not least we have the resoures to customize a future-proof solution for you.

    Call our sales department at +4579381244 or send a mail to salg@h-daugaard.dk, if you are interested in a dialogue about customized logistics based on rail transport.