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    While Odense’s new light rail takes shape meter by meter and new infrastructure becomes reality, we follow the construction closely – and back up with customized logistics to secure progress and time-frames of the project.

    We have had the chance to bring all the strenghts of our set-up into play – and do on a current basis handle delivery of the rail lines for the ambitious project. A job which is shortly described a question of receiving the rail lines in Kolding and deliver them in the centre of Odense …. which is not as simple as it sounds:

    The rail lines arrive by rail directly to our warehouses in Kolding. Some of the are unloaded and stored – while others are reloaded to expandable trailers ready for leaving our central hub in Kolding.

    Delivery in Odense has to be just in time due to the very narrow workspaces in the centre of Odense. This calls for attentive and flexible logistics solutions and a set-up which not only allows for facts and working frames – but also for traffic problems, delays and ongoing adjustments of schedules.

    Coordination and competent drivers who understand how to navigate in and around rush hours and queues has to ensure that progress is never delayed because of H. Daugaard – as downtime costs not only money but also irritation and frustration.

    And we succeed! It is not a challenge – but an inspiring job. It brings all our skills into play: PEOPLE, PERFORMANCE & PRECISION! Competences which refer to our customer survey last autumn that gave us lots of positive feedback on consistency of supply and the fact that we are always easy to get in contact with. Every day we do our best to demonstrate exactly these competencies to the team around Odense Letbane … while being delighted to see the project grow and to contribute on a small scale to future infrastructure.

    Do you also have a very special transport and logistics challenge which might become easier with customized logistics you are welcome to contact our sales department … you might call our project manager, Frank Dueholm Poulsen, på +45 79 38 12 88.