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    Large warehouse expansion in Vamdrup initiated by H. Daugaard

    Large warehouse expansion in Vamdrup initiated by H. Daugaard

    In 2018, we have at H. Daugaard focused our attention on our strategy – and as a company experienced that our unique Customized Logistics solutions for existing and new customers have been a competitive advantage.

    One of the results of our efforts is that we now proudly share the news that we have just initiated a large expansion of our existing warehouse facilities in Vamdrup close to Kolding. The launch pad for this is a new, multi-annual contract with one of our existing warehouse customers and our plans have already been approved.  Within the 4th quarter of 2019, we expect to open the expansion counting approx. 8300 m2 warehouse in immediate continuation of the existing one and extra 300 m2 roofed-over reloading area at the railway track.

    The construction of the new facilities will give us a +50% increase in our capacity – giving us approx. 25.000 m2 at our disposal. We will have new, up-to-date storage facilities for the large quantities of everyday incoming products that we receive per rail and road – and afterwards, handle and distribute to the Danish and Scandinavian markets as well as to the Baltic countries.

    After the opening, the setting will enable us to handle the expected flow from existing customers – and strengthen our fundament as a potential partner for new customers who will be offered know-how, as well as lots of experience by our competent team, used to work with customer specific solutions.

    A new fundament will in all ways be a reality – and therefore, we invite to an open-minded and constructive dialogue aiming at specific solutions, which can with advantage be integrated into our future set-up and the facilities which will before 2020 strengthen our platform and invite to even stronger Customized Logistics.