H. Daugaard becomes a leading player in the storage of flammable liquids

At our warehouse in Vamdrup, we are proud to announce the installation of our new foam extinguishing system, which will have a significant impact on customers’ options for storing flammable liquids. This means that, as a customer of H. Daugaard, you can now both transport and store flammable liquids in considerably larger quantities than before.

Store everything in one place

Storing flammable liquids requires a great deal in terms of both legislation and safety – which means that very few companies on the market can store substantially large quantities. This is a challenge for companies that would like to have their flammable products stored in their local market. With the introduction of the new foam extinguishing system, H. Daugaard can now help with this, and thereby become a leader in the storage of classified products.

We now have the opportunity to store even larger quantities of flammable liquids, because we have installed this foam extinguishing system, says HESQ manager, Anders Søgaard-Hansen.

Benefit from economies of scale

This allows our customers to benefit from economies of scale because they get the opportunity to store their flammable liquids in one place instead of spreading it out over several different warehouses.

The facility enables a hall of 400 square meters to be filled with foam in three to five minutes. The foam extinguishing system consists of two large pressure tanks measuring 40 cubic meters each, which mix water and air under high pressure.

When activating the system, 2% foam liquid is mixed before the mixture is blown through the pipe system into the large foam generators. These are mounted in the ceiling of the halls containing the foam extinguishing system. Of note, the foam liquid is not of the PFOS/PFAS type and thus free of harmful fluorine compounds.

Reassurance from an integrated logistics solution

At H. Daugaard, customized logistics is a crucial part of the service we offer our customers. This, of course, also applies when it comes to the transport of dangerous goods.

In addition to having dangerous goods stored, you can also have them transported by either truck, train or ship. This means that you get a complete logistics solution. In this way, you can safely entrust both storage and transport to the same competent business partner.

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