H. Daugaard offers customers transports powered by HVO fuel

As an important step towards a greener future, H. Daugaard customer cargo can now be transported by lorries and trucks running on HVO diesel.

At all times, H. Daugaard explores solutions that optimises company service and works towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. HVO biodiesel is one of those initiatives, offered to customers as an alternative to traditional fossil fuel.

HVO is a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil which can be used as an alternative to conventional diesel. From production to consumption, HVO biodiesel reduces overall CO2 emissions by 90%.

New HVO storage tank installed at H. Daugaard

At its facilities in Kolding in Denmark, the company has installed an HVO tank to service trucks capable of running on HVO diesel now or in the future. The tank has a capacity of 5,900 litres of HVO biodiesel, which may quickly be used in case of rising demand.

The first customers have already expressed interest in this new transport solution, where trucks run entirely on HVO diesel rather than traditional diesel. H. Daugaard hopes that many more customers will make a green choice.

– We want to help our customers become even more environmentally friendly – and for this reason, we are ready to invest in unison, says Fleet Manager Palle Albertsen.

The fleet is ready

One of the advantages of HVO fuel is that the entire fleet of H. Daugaard is ready to run on HVO diesel. The same goes for trucks handling cargo in and around the warehouse. Once the new HVO tank facility is operational, very little fleet replacement is necessary.

– All our Danish and Scandinavian trucks are compatible with HVO diesel, Fleet Manager Palle Albertsen explains.

Transport by road, sea, and rail

Transport by road is not the only solution offered by H. Daugaard. The company offers a wide array of solutions, including cargo transport by rail and transport by sea.

– Because we can offer transport by sea, rail, and road, we always try to offer the most sustainable solution, says Fleet Manager Palle Albertsen.

Always looking towards future solutions

It is important for H. Daugaard to be in a constant state of transition. With eyes fixed on the horizon, its green journey is nowhere in sight, despite now introducing transport solutions using HVO biodiesel.

Daugaard is continuously looking at ways to increase transport sustainability. New solutions are a clear indication of the company mindset.

Whether they will be introducing hybrid trucks, electric trucks, or something else, time will tell. Future initiatives depend entirely on technological development, followed closely by H. Daugaard. For the company, it is essential that the solution is sustainable.

– We always keep cradle to grave in mind, not simply looking at what makes sense in the moment. This is true for all the initiatives, we implement, says Palle Albertsen.