Transportation within the construction industry

What is worth noting when you need to transport building materials

As H. Daugaard is a transport and logistics company, we are in contact with a variety of industries and, as a result, are especially aware of the challenges each individual industry faces in relation to logistics and transport.

One of the industries H. Daugaard collaborates with often is the construction industry. For this reason, in this blog post, we will present good advice about what the actors within the construction industry should be particularly aware of when seeking out a new logistics partner to transport goods.

Accuracy is key on the construction site

Accuracy plays a key role when it comes to construction site logistics, as most within the construction industry would agree. This also applies to the transporting of building materials to and from the construction site. Often the delivery time window is minimal to ensure that the goods can be utilised without unnecessary waiting time.

Precise delivery times are crucial on the construction site. You may find yourself in a situation where the crane that needs to be used is only available at certain times, so it’s vital the materials are delivered on time – otherwise there will be a delay,’ says Palle Mogensen, Director of Port Activities at H. Daugaard.

A custom solution for the individual customer

Building materials come in many shapes and sizes. Some can fit on a completely normal pallet, while others require specially designed custom transport solutions. In short, the differences between cases can be substantial when it comes to transporting building materials.

For this reason, moving construction materials requires a logistics partner that is flexible and has the ability to think creatively about different solutions for transporting your goods – all the way from suppliers across Europe to the final destination.

‘We have to be able to understand the individual customer’s needs. The size of the load and the geography are crucial elements. As a result, it is vital that we are able to deliver goods via ship, train, and lorry, dependent upon the individual needs,’ says Palle Mogensen.

Partnering up with a logistics company that is able to deliver the goods via several modes of transport provides added flexibility to deliveries in the construction industry, as well as ensuring that the goods reach their final destination in the most efficient way possible. Moreover, the various options for transport allow you to select the most environmentally friendly solution. This is all dependent upon the volume of the goods – the larger the volume, the more worthwhile it is to receive delivery via train or ship, which are the most environmentally friendly transport solutions.

If you are interested in knowing more, take a look at the blog post we have written concerning the advantages of joining forces with a logistics partner which is able to offer a variety of solutions for transporting your goods.

The season and weather play a role

There is little point in building your new driveway or your new shed in the rain or a snowstorm. If you are a supplier for a builder’s merchant, then you’ve doubtless noticed the increase in demand for building materials when the weather is good or when spring arrives. The weather also demands careful planning when transporting building materials.

It is vital that your transport partner is both fast and flexible in terms of delivering the materials your customer has requested. For this reason, flexibility and stability are two important parameters when choosing a transport and logistics partner.

– ‘For example, in the months leading up to Easter, when the weather is at its very best, and the demand for materials at builder’s merchants suddenly picks up, then we are ready to deliver,’ says Palle Mogensen.

We hope this blog post has given you a few pieces of good advice on the most crucial elements to consider when choosing a transport and logistics partner within the construction industry.

If you are interested in learning more about the different logistics solutions that H. Daugaard offers, you can read more about road transport, rail transport, sea transport, and warehouses.

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